Mandrake - The treasurehunt is our latest publication (August 2005). The book consists of three Sunday strip stories from the period 1937 - 1945.

The Treasurehunt - first published Sept. 5th 1937 - March 20th 1938
The Santa Claus Pirates - first published 3. Sept. 1944 - Dec. 3rd 1944
The Fountain of Youth - first published Dec. 10th 1944 - March 18th 1945

The stories are published in bright colours which emphasize the drawings in an extraordinary way.

The book is bound with dustjacket and oversized. On the frontpage we have engraved the silhouette of Mandrake.

Click to enlarge Introduction - The treasurehunt:
Mandrake and Lothar are on a cameltour in the Sahara desert. Here they discover a young lady pursued by a couple of bandits. Mandrake and Lothar help the lady, and she tells them that she is on world treasure-hunt to find five numbers which form the combination to a vault containing a fortune. Mandrake offer his help, and... the adventure begins...
Click to enlarge Introduction - The Santa Claus Pirates:
Mandrake, Narda and Lothar are on a scientic cruise to chart tropical waters when they are told about a very special pirate - The Santa Claus Pirate. He borders ships in the area - not to rob them - but to give them gold and other valuables. Mandrake gets interested, and ...the adventure begins ...
Click to enlarge Introduction - The Fountain of Youth:
Back from the adventure of The Santa Claus Pirate, Mandrake, Narda and Lothar are all of a sudden witnes an old man near drowning and fighting sharks. Mandrake and Lothar save him, and of course he is very grateful. He tells them that they have saved his life just when it`s being renewed! He says that he has found the fountain of youth. Mandrake gets both interested and suspicious, and ...the adventure begins...

MANDRAKE - THE TREASUREHUNT can be bought directly from us for NOK 248,00. Freightcosts will be added. Please ask us. We send worldwide.